Primary Health care and Clinical

Nature of the project: MEH and Nutrition
Estimate Expenditure: 89,000.00

Achievable objectives:

i) To motivate 8700 mothers on maternal and child health care.
ii) To immunize 1500 child and distribute via-A capsules.
iii) To provide packets of oral saline to prevent infantile diarrhoea.
iv) To provide TOT to 220 female group leaders on community health Hazard and their Remedies.
v) To observe. A sanitation week in 170 target villages. Activities Carried Out:
i) Individual and group motivation on material and childcare carried out.
ii) 70 Immunization camps (with the collaboration of health department) accomplished.
iii) Distributed on Corona Virus Vaccine.
iv) 7,800-packet saline procured from local health department and distributed.
v) 150 female group leaders provided TOT on community health care through training.
vi) Sanitation campaign designed and observed that was one week duration through DOLA MOHILA


i) 2350 illiterate, ignorant mothers of 65 rural areas became on MCH.
ii) Children were supposed to be saved from fetal diseases.
iii) 2250 children saved from infantile diarrhoea attack.
iv) Award the people especially the women on how to prevent disease environment. Sanitation and male nutrition.