Disabled Rehabilitation program

Nature of project: Human Rights and employment generation for the disabled
Achievable objective:

  • To conduct a baseline surveys and identify the
    disabled children.
  • To enlist the name of disabled children according to
    their criteria.
  • To provide support and services among the disabled
  • To provide them better opportunity for the
    improvement their living status.
  • To prepare a survey analysis report.
    Estimated Expenditure: Tk.72,000.00

Activities carried out:

1) 8 Member volunteers survey team was formed and
they were taught how to conduct the survey.
2) A base line survey form with appropriate question
3) The target areas were selected and carried out the
planned survey.
4) A case study questionnaire was designed with the help
of a qualified doctor.
5) List of the disabled children were prepared according
to their criteria.
6) Loans were provided among the disabled families.
7) PRT and preference were provided for the disabled
children a case studies and survey.
8) Analysis team was formed to prepare a detailed report.


i) A through study on the socioeconomic conditions and
the health hazards of 150 physically and mentally
disabled cases of 06 selected areas of Jhenaidah
district under Kaligonj Upazila were detected.
ii) The disabled are enlisted according to their criteria by
which they can obtain their own facilities.
iii) The study report of the disabled was prepared.